Orange and mandarin breakfast goodness

San Matteo

Azienda Agricola San Matteo has combined with its jams containing authentic and genuine flavours, some extracts, herbal tea and plants with well known benefits. The careful cultivation in harmony with nature demonstrates the commitment to offer a product that can be used every day. The taste and the properties of plants and herbs assist our physiological needs. After years of study in collaboration with botanical experts, the healthy effect of plants, already used in ancient times, has returned today to become part of our daily lives.

Trepunti di Giarre (CT)


Oranges (35%), mandarin  (35%), concentrated grape juice (60%), lemon juice (2%), Gelling agent: fruit pectin

Store in refrigerator after opening

Only organic fruit sweetened with grape juice

Orange and mandarin breakfast goodness

San Matteo
360 g

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